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About Me

Hello! My name is Cherry.
I am a 27-year-old adult entertainment model from the East Coast United States. Being an adult content creator allows me to share my sexuality and passions with the world. One of my biggest goals is to show people they can connect with their inner sexuality, and that it's okay to enjoy that. Since beginning my adult career at 18 I have seen and sadly used my fair share of toxic sex toys. After learning the dangers of unsafe toys I decided I would share the word with my fellow cam models and fans. Thus reviewing sex toys started. 

Below you can find more information about myself!


  • Vulva

    • Currently Hairy​

    • More of an "innie"

    • Labia minora is thin and unobtrusive

    • Labia majora is flat and puffy

    • My clitoris is small and fully covered by its hood when unaroused and only peaks out slightly when aroused.

    • My clit is about the size of a grain of rice.

    • Click here to see a picture of my vulva/vagina

  • Vagina

    • Longest item inserted was 7 inches​

    • Widest item inserted was 2 inches

    • I rarely orgasm from only vaginal penetration.

    • I always use lube as I can tear easily.

    • Larger toys take a while and some effort before I can insert them.

    • I have only squirted once and have not been able to since.

  • Butt​

    • I enjoy anal with smaller toys and plugs.

    • I can not use large anal toys.​

    • My buttcheeks and shorter arms make it a bit difficult to use anal toys on myself.

  • Toy Preferences

    • Likes:

      • Small Toys

      • Clitoral Vibes

      • Realistic Toys

      • Softer Silicones​

      • Broad rumbly vibrations 

    • Dislikes:

      • Overly large toys

      • Vibe Patterns

      • Rabbit Vibrators

      • Lots of texture on toys

      • Buzzy Vibrations

  • Body

    • Breast Size: 32E, Very Soft Tissue, Large Areolas 
    • ​Height: 5'1"
    • I am curvy and carry a lot of weight in my hips and thighs. 
    • Bottom Heavy Hour Glass
    • Weight: 145 lbs. Due to my ED, my weight goes up and down. This is my current heaviest
    • I normally wear glasses day to day and wear contacts while making content.​

    • Shoe Size: 7 1/2 Wide 

  • Disabilities

    • Allergy to fragrances & scents

    • I have struggled with mental and physical health eliminates my entire life. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with EBV and IBS. In 2021 I was finally diagnosed with dysautonomia, specifically POTS. Other health issues I have are ARFID (an eating disorder), Chronic Fatigue, Interstitial Cystitis, depression, anxiety, OCD, and more. These all make day-to-day living quite hard

    • I began SW to allow myself to structure and schedule my working and day-to-day life to my best advantage. Due to my conditions, sex and masturbation can be a struggle. My hands and body go numb and get sore easily. I tire quickly and have a chance of fainting or getting dizzy. Sex toys allow me more freedom in my sex life, letting me take things at my own pace and pleasure. 

  • Kinks

    • I love kinks! For me, they are a fun way to keep my mind and body focused and connected

    • I am a switch, I love being both dominant and submissive equally. 

    • My top kinks 

      • BDSM ​

      • Feet

      • Sight & Sound Depravation

      • DDLG

    • Find a full list of my kinks here.

  • Hobbies

    • I am a homebody. I love to watch movies and anime.

    • I love to do arts and crafts. 

    • I love science, education, nature, minerals, and crystals.

    • I collect crystals and especially love Ocean Jasper.

    • I plan to get a service dog to train to help with my disabilities.

  • MISC.

    • Favorite Colors: Purples, Pinks, Pastels, Rainbows, Glitter/Shimmer/ Color Changing

    • My male partner and I have been together since 2013. He helps me to review couple and male toys.

Toy Preferences
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