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Toy Review: The G Squeeze Small & Medium

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Oh so squishy and filling, The G Squeeze is a vaginal plug that will you keep cumming back for more.

PeepShowToys kindly reached out to me asking if I would like to review some of their products, I of course said yes! They are a wonderful company that only sells body-safe sex toys, so everything you buy on their site you can be at ease knowing it's safe. They suggested I start out with the company SquarePegToys. I have heard of them before but had yet to try anything from them as they mainly focus on larger-style toys. I have trouble fitting with fitting large toys so when I saw the G Squeeze Plugs I knew they were perfect!

Packaging, Shipping, and First Impressions

Shipping was fast and discrete. The toys arrived in a plain plastic bag with detailed care instructions on the bag itself. This allows SquarePegToys to reduce how much waste comes from each toy sold. The first thing I noticed pulling the toys out is how soft the silicone truly is. This is huge for someone like me who has trouble with insertion, the softer silicone the easier it makes insertion.

Storage and Care

Listed on the bag as I mentioned are the care instructions. Cleaning is easy, just use warm soap and water and let it dry standing up. These toys are made with SquarePegToys Super Soft Silicone so they warn you not to store the toy in a way that can become dented or marked. Make sure to store it in the bag they come in to keep the dust off as it does collect dust easily.


The G Squeeze is designed and made by SquarePegToys to specifically fit in the vagina's unique shape. [Click here to see what the inside of a vagina can look like from the Art collection The Great Wall of Vagina.] Its unique design, the first of its kind, is made to especially fill up the vagina, oh so right. The bulb provides G-spot pressure while the rounded tip provides cervical stimulation. My favorite part is how easy the scoop shape makes insertion, just give it a squeeze and it will slide in easily. These plugs are amazing to stretch for an intimate session, dilation for vaginal pain and tightness, or for post-operation trans people who need vaginal expanders.

The base is designed to fit nicely between your labia which allows the wearer to walk around, go about daily activity, or use it during intimate moments. The silicone used for this toy is SquarePegToys SuperSoft platinum silicone which makes extended wear extremely comfortable. So no matter how long you want to be plugged up, you will be at ease.

There are four colors to pick from, Pink Sugar, Bronze, Ultraviolet, and Graphite.

These toys are handmade so there may be slight variations to each toy.

The G Squeeze comes in four sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Small - Height 5.2" • Circumferences: Bulb 5.2" & squeezed 4.7" • Neck 3.5"

Medium - Height 5.5" • Circumferences: Bulb 6.3" & squeezed 5.3" • Neck 3.5"

Large - Height 5.4" • Circumferences: Bulb 6.7" & squeezed 5.8" • Neck 4.5"

Extra Large - Height 5.4" • Circumferences: Bulb 7.7" & squeezed 6.5" • Neck 5"

Be mindful of the size of the toy you can safely use.

My Experience

I began my first session with the small-sized G squeeze. It is small enough for me to put in without being aroused but big enough to fill me up nicely. After inserting the G squeeze I went to relax on the couch to let myself get used to the fullness. I watched some tv and enjoyed the feeling of a toy inside of me while sitting down. I then used my Magic Wand and came so hard. The way my vagina clenched down on the toy accentuated the orgasm. I love the feeling of fullness after cumming so the G squeeze is perfect since it stays inside of you easily.

For my next session, I decided to put the small G squeeze in early in the day and go about my chores. Walking around and letting myself slowly stretch was a nice experience. I decided to see how the toy would feel sitting on the edge of my bed. Using my Magic Wand on my clit while sitting down and putting pressure on the toy was great. I could bounce up and down to make the toy move inside of me which felt amazing. I came fast sitting in this position with the G squeeze perfectly poking and rubbing my G-spot and walls.

Another time testing, I inserted the small G squeeze and went for a walk on my treadmill. Wearing the plug while I walked added something else for me to focus on and keep entertained since walking inside can sometimes be a bit boring. I had tested the small G squeeze a few times but hadn't been able to fit the medium yet. After wearing the small during my walk I took it out to try some of my other dildos. I used my Mustang by Vixskin, then my Vamp Super Soft by Tantus, and my Silk Large by Tantus, to stretch up ever so slowly. Having the G squeeze small in for so long allowed the other toys to go in super easily which previously I had trouble with anything larger than the mustang. After stretching for a bit with each toy I tried the medium G squeeze and it went in perfectly! The feeling of the larger size is similar to the small but the increase in size means there's more pressure on all the spots it hits so perfectly. I came about 4 times during this session so I would say it was a success!

Final Thoughts

Overall I have fallen in love with these plugs! Since this was my first time trying a vaginal plug I was not sure what to expect, but now I know they are one of my favorite types of toys! Since I need a little extra help stretching to help fit my partner's penis or to use certain-sized toys, these plugs will be a staple in my sex routines for sure. If you are looking to try a vaginal plug I 100% recommend these. The G squeeze and many other items can be found on PeepShowToys, check them out!

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